Thursday, March 15, 2018

Song from the Past - My worship from the 1980's!

Worship has been a part of my life for many years.  Having learned piano at age 6, I dropped my playing abilities for many yeas while in high school and college and my early ministry.  I just used sound tracks from my record albums.  When I began hitting the streets of San Francisco in 1985, God renewed my playing interest for street evangelism.  Then during the next 7 years, God led me week after to week to play the keyboard and sing on the streets of San Francisco, then Seattle, then Portland, then San Diego.  I saw a growing anointing on the keyboard and started to notice that when I played, the presence of God would fall on the outreach and people were changed.  We usually had worship teams from the area churches come to the streets with us and play.  But often they would not show up.  God led me to take the keyboard forward and let Him instruct me on the sounds of heaven.  I carry that anointing today that came from the streets. This simple song video from below came from way back in the 80's.  It was the song with Panos Zachariu, a good Greek Friend of mine who help teach me worship on the keyboard. He was playing and singing with me when the march of over 1,000 radicals came into the city part in San Francisco and God sent an army of angels to defend us. You can read more about that exciting deliverance in my new book, "The Heart of God".  Enjoy the song from the past.

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