Monday, October 27, 2014

Power over nature - Is it ours?

 Jesus said that "If you believe, the works that I do you shall do also, and greater works than these shall you do because I go to my Father."  John 14:12  Since Jesus operated on delegated authority that was given to Him by the Father, we have been given the same power by Jesus!  Remember John 5:27 "The Father gave Jesus authority on earth to execute judgement because He (Jesus) was the Son of Man." Here,John the writer, emphasizes Jesus humanity to show that Jesus was operating under delegated authority.  Why?  Because Jesus knew we, as only humans, would be operating under the same principle. So Jesus later said all authority in heaven and earth was His and He gave it to us! (Matthew 28:18 - 19)  But it operates by faith.  If you believe you have His power, you have it. He said, "Have I not given you power, on earth, to cast out demons and over all the power of the enemy..."  Luke 10:19  His power in and through us is only limited by our faith.  Faith can move mountains... but it has to be received and released on earth. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. You can only declare by faith what is clearly declared in GOD'S WORD! Beyond that it is assumption and presumption. Fill your heart and mind with scripture that releases your faith. Then confess the words with you mouth. Circumstances and old failures will not do. Put those behind you and renew your mind with God's unchallenged power... His uncompromising word! You can learn more about kingdom living and become a student of God's word.  Write you own living commentary of the entire New Testament by signing up for Kingdom Life University.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Discover your Purpose - Found in God's Goodness!

  God's pleasure is your prosperity!  God, by His goodness and providence, has created the universe to serve His pleasure and He delights in showing this to His children.  He even went so far as to say, "All things work together for good to those who love Him., to those who are called according to His purpose."  Rom. 8:28  He also adds, "If an earthly father knows how to give good gifts to his children, how much more does the heavenly Father know how to give good gifts to us."  Wow!  Are we getting it?  Don't let your past failures, disappointments and discouragement block His love.  I pray today your love may increase in revelation of How much God loves you.  May the Holy Spirit open your heart to receive this awesome truth.  You give God pleasure...quite a thought, right?  Yes, Eric Liddell the uncompromising Olympic racer said that he felt God's pleasure when he ran. Why?  Because he was able to receive this revelation knowing he was fulfilling his purpose.....that he was loved and was running to give God pleasure.  When we find out our purpose and run our race we give God pleasure!   Find out more about God's will for you life, enroll in Kingdom Life University.  Your Time, Your Place, Your Destiny!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

God's Providence - Goodness manifest

  Providence is God using all the resources of His creation to show us His love.  When we look over our past life, we can see God's hand over and over again directing people to us at exactly the right time, supplying our needs at the right time, and caring for us with His gentle love.  Providence exalts the sovereignty of God.  God is in control of everything in our lives that we place in His hands.  "All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose."   In today's video I share the story of Isabella, my daughter, and how she could have been seriously injured, but God by His divine providence had already allowed a bad repair on my car that saved her from broken fingers and a broken hand.  I love to reflect on how God has demonstrated His great wisdom and grace in protecting me again and again. The first airplane I bought was a Bonanza.  The gas tanks had been improperly installed and showed the wrong amount of fuel in the tanks. Flying home to Colorado they became empty but one showed still 3/4 full on the gage.  I ran out of fuel flying the airplane home from Indianapolis where I had bought it.  When the engine stopped, it was right over the top of the Brush, Colorado airport.  I was a 8 thousand feet and had plenty of time to prepare for an emergency landing. I circled the airport several times and prepared for the approach and landing.  I actually rolled out at the exit of the runway almost right up to the gas pumps!  Talk about providence.  God is good!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Greater Revelation - Looking to Jesus

   To receive a greater revelation of Jesus Christ you must increase your capacity to receive His love. Peter tried to express his love for Jesus over and over by performance and self effort.  Jesus finally had to ask Peter three times, "Do you love me"?  Like many of us, we try to love God and even want Him to know it.  But the apostle John had learned the secret of receiving Christ's love by building intimacy with Christ.  So much so, he was able to lay his head on Jesus breast and not be embarrassed. John said over and over again, "I am the disciple whom Jesus loved".  He did not see his love for Christ but Christ's love for him!  That is the key to receiving a greater revelation of Jesus Christ.  How do we increase our capacity to receive His love?  
1. Receive His forgiveness.  Shame blocks love. Jesus is perfect and perfectly forgets our sins once we have confessed them.  "He removes them and places them in the depths of the sea and remembers them no more." ... He perfectly forgets!!!

2. Read His word.  I know it almost sounds too good to be true.  It's because His grace provides His love, not our performance.  We understand this totally by FAITH, and faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.  Ephesians says, "That you may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height -  to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God."  (3:18-20)

3. Repeat it over and over again to your heart!  We have been so taught that God is not good, that He is to blame for all the terrible things on earth and in our lives.  This Satanic lie has distorted the truth that Jesus came to reveal two things about God the Father... "Grace and Truth".  Keep repeating over and over and over... "I am the disciple whom Jesus loves" until it begins to connect to the truth of God's love.  

Because John understood this simple truth, He received the entire book of Revelation of Jesus Christ!  Please watch the 3 minute video above to receive more revelation about this great truth