Saturday, January 10, 2015

Who Are YOU! Would you believe a King and Priest unto God?

Jesus said 7 times in the book of John "I AM".  He knew who He was and why He was here. God the Father invaded planet earth with the "Son of Man" the great "I AM".  The only way to take authority on earth is to be in the flesh.  "The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth has He given to the sons of men".  The only way God could be legal on earth, was to become flesh. He had after all created the earth for MAN.  The first man Adam had dominion over everything until the lie of Satan stole it.  The first Adam lost his dominion, so God the Father sent the second Adam!  Jesus regained EVERYTHING the first Adam lost. The power of the blood of Christ was so great it restored Jesus full authority over earth, but He needed men to execute it. He came and dwelt among us full of grace and truth. When Jesus left planet earth, He lost authority to reign on earth until He transmitted that authority to man. Jesus announced that "All power had now been given to Him in heaven the earth..." Matthew 28:18, but He could not execute that authority with out someone in the flesh... thus He created His body on earth, the body of Christ, i.e. all believers who are under His Lordship.  Just like Jesus was the fullness of the Godhead bodily, so we are the fullness of Jesus bodily.  "And He (the Father) put all things under His (Jesus) feet, and gave Him to be head over all things to the church, which is His body, the fullness of Him who fills all in all."  Ephesians 1:22  Who are we?  God says two times, He has made us a "Kingdom of kings and priests unto our God".  (Rev. 5:10 & Rev. 19:16)  I was able to share this truth with the All Pro Pastors group in Winter Haven this last week.  Please listen to the 16 minute challenge to this great group of pastors.  Kingdom truth like this principle of the Kingdom is taught at our Kingdom Life University.  Please pray about enrolling this semester in one of the most exciting adventures of your life.  We are doing a January Tuition special savings toward your costs.  Two weeks are left for this special offer


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kingdom Life University - January Discount available (Limited time offer)

2015 comes in like a lion!  We believe this year is an exciting time of expanding your biblical knowledge and preparing for God's expanding kingdom on earth and the soon return of the King Jesus Christ Himself.  I see a resurgence of teaching on "Kingdom Truth" coming to hungry hearts.  Pastors and believer's are talking more and more about gaining greater revelation of the "Kingdom".  Jesus said, "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field."  Matthew 13:44.  Kingdom Life University is designed to bring you greater revelation of what the kingdom of God is NOW and in the future.  When this revelation captures your heart, you too will feel you have found that "treasure" you have been searching for.  Why is the Kingdom Teaching so powerful?

1. It centers everything else in scripture.  Jesus said, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED."  Matthew 6:33
The kingdom message began with the first Adam and finishes with the Last Adam..Jesus Christ.  It is the message of the entire bible.

2. It releases greater authority in your life.  You only have authority when you are under authority.  Jesus said, "All power has been given unto me in heaven and earth..."  You tap His authority when you totally submit to Jesus, the King's ruler ship in your life.

3. It is the final message of the gospel on earth.  Jesus said, "When this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world, unto all nations (ethnos), then will the end come." Matthew 24.14  Jesus Christ is simply not returning until His word is fulfilled and the remaining 6,700 dialects hear the good news.  See our short VISION video for this.

What is the best way for you to gain a greater revelation of this Kingdom Jesus is talking about?  I feel, become a full-time student with Kingdom Life University.  We are all about expanding your knowledge of Christ's kingdom on earth NOW and in the FUTURE. You can be a full-time student and study at your own pace. Complete your 60 credit hours in two years, and get your Accredited Associate 2- year degree!  It's that simple.  But it takes a commitment on your part.  Of time and a small investment of finances. We are probably the lowest cost accredited Christian University in America. I recently surveyed the average cost per year of most online Christian Accredited was $18,156.00!   For only $100.00 monthly you can be enrolled as a full-time student with KLU. Taking courses totally ONLINE on you smart phone, your laptop or any mobile device. We are starting a new semester early in can enroll now. Because of our commitment to you, we are giving a limited time DISCOUNT of $200.00 to those who pay for the full year in advance and $400.00 for those that pay the full two year tuition.  That means your first year will only cost you $1,000.00 for the full years tuition.  This offer is only until THE END OF JANUARY.  If you want to take advantage, please go to the registration page and sign up right away.  Click on the "JANUARY SPECIAL STUDENT DISCOUNT" paypal button if you want to take advantage of our special January discount and we will send you your username and password and you will be starting your studies immediately. EVERYTHING IS ONLINE.  Your video courses, your tests, and your manuals are all online.                            Sign up now... graduate with the many future KLU graduates! 

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prophecy for 2015 - Preparation & Acceleration - kingdom of God - Dr. Jerry Brandt

Are we entering into the early part of Revelation chapter 6?  As usual I have spent much time meditating and praying about a prophetic word for this coming year 2015. God gives me two words for 2015. Preparation and acceleration. We are entering into the final fourth blood moon in September of 2015.  It is also the final 7th year of the Hebrew Semitah cycle and the fourth blood moon coincides with the 29th of Elel. September 11th, 2001 fell on the 29th of Elel and one of the most devastating Wall Street crashes happened again on the 29th of Elel in 2008. This seven year cycle has played out all the way back to the great depression of 1929.  September 13th, 2015 will be the end of the next 7 year cycle and the 29th of Elel in the Hebrew calendar. This could be the greatest market crash America and the world has ever seen.  I say, could be, so keep your eyes open if you have large investments in the market. Gold and silver is being bought up by nations and individuals who are loosing confidence in the America dollar. Russia and China are leading the way. You may well invest in some precious metals during this season. I feel we will have a period of prosperity and preparation the first 9 months of 2015.  So get yourself ready for what is coming. I am taking a group of our Kingdom Life University leaders in January this year and affiliated friends to a hydroponic farm to learn how to grow our own organic gardens. When the economy fails, you need to be self sustaining.  5 of these hydroponic stacks can indefinitely feed a family of 5 people and in times of crisis you don't need to go to the grocery store.  

Nature is going to began to rock and roll like never before. Each recent year we are breaking more and more records. This is the acceleration I am seeing in the Spirit.  America has three great stress points that are ready to break. God has been holding them in place! Revelation speaks of great earthquakes coming on the earth. California has four major fault lines which are increasing in stress. Yellowstone national park has the largest major volcanic plume in America and scientists say it is getting closer and closer to erupting. The Mississippi holds the Madrid fault zone and is showing much higher seismic activity. Any one of these could cause incredible damage to America's economy and ability to experience economic growth.  Not to mention our increasing national debt under president Obama. Even our federal reserve bank says it is unsustainable. The signs are all around us and everywhere.  Don't be ready.

What are you saying Jerry?  Prepare for what is coming.  Get yourself ready for some hard times.  We are not children of darkness that "That day should overtake us as a thief.  We are the children of light".  Prepare, not only for your families needs, but one of the great evangelism tools in the future will be the churches readiness to help our communities and neighbors in times of crisis.  Don't be fooled by this current unsustainable false economic growth that our government is fostering on us.  Look below the surface to the reality and truth.  I believe that this coming fall season could well be the beginning of sorrows the book of Revelation is talking about.  Could we be entering into the early part of the tribulation period?  God calls this the "Beginning of sorrows.. but the end is not yet."  Matthew 24.  I am getting thousands of hits now monthly on my teaching of the four horsemen of the apocalypse of Revelation 6. Please listen to this vital teaching.. it could be a matter of life and death for your family and future plans.