Thursday, February 27, 2014

Millennium - The Coming Golden Age (Revelation 20)

Man has forever dreamed of a golden age on earth.  It is coming!  After the tribulation which literally destroys the infrastructure of earth's cities and nations, Jesus Christ returns with His bride of both Jews and Gentiles to establish this "Golden Age" of His reign and glory.  Satan has been now cast into his 1,000 year prison, the curse is lifted off this earth and those that survived the tribulation and did not take the mark of the beast 666, restore planet earth to its greatness along with the reigning bride of Christ. With no war, sickness, suffering and extended growing seasons because of the presence of Jesus on earth, mankind will have an opportunity to bring this planet to its original intent of the garden of Eden.  Jesus Christ shall reign from Jerusalem with a rod of iron.  But His reign is pure love!  Justice will be executed immediately and rebellion will not be allowed. Peace shall reign and mankind will worship together the true King of kings and Lord of lords. The lion will lay with the lamb!  Nature will be quiet and orderly.  Many will live again to long life and perhaps natural men will live to be 900 years old as in the days of Noah before the flood. The glory of God on earth will increase during this 1000 years and this golden age will be the fruit of the righteousness of Christ as the garment of all who have received Jesus as savior. The beauty of God's golden city Jerusalem shall shine as the sun as Jesus literally reigns from His throne there.  Men will be able to travel to Jerusalem and experience His literal presence on earth again.  Unfortunately children born of natural mothers and fathers during this age have not been tested for their faith.  So Satan will be loosed for a short season to see where their heart lies.  The unbelieving children will form an army to take over Jerusalem and follow Satan and rise against the Lamb of God. They shall quickly be cut down.  Then the final "great white throne judgement" happens where all who have died from the beginning earth's time shall stand before Jesus Christ and the books will be opened.  First the book of life.  If their names are not written there, they stand in eternal judgment of the lake of fire forever.  Then the books of their deeds will be opened and every man will be judged out of the books which have recorded every evil deed done their entire lifetime.  No man will be able to point a finger at Jesus and blame Him for their coming eternal judgment.  Each man will realize it was his or her own sins that condemn them.  The greatest sin of all has been their rejection of the finished work of Christ and not receiving, by faith, His completed justification through His blood.  They will then be cast into the lake of fire prepared for Satan and his demons and forever dwell there in separation from the love and grace of God.  If you have not received Jesus Christ as savior, I implore you to do so today.  Just pray, "Father I know you love me and have a plan for my life.  You sent your Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of my sins and wash them away by His blood.  I receive Him now as my Lord and Savior. Come into my life now Jesus and wash me clean.  I make you the Lord of my life".  Amen!  
                                    Watch the study of Revelation 20 that describes it all!                                                       

Sunday, February 23, 2014


It has long been my dream to have a full-time online internet TV network with a 24/7 worship channel.  Now we have have it at our WATV WORSHIP TV channel in high definition.  We feature worship from some of the top churches like Bethel, Gateway, Hillsong and others.  Just turn on the channel and listen 24/7 to his great line-up of the best of the best.   Such good quality, you can play it on your regular television set through your computer or mobile device.  The power of praise and worship in your home will transform the atmosphere!   I have seen marriages and families changed and even behavior changes come through the presence of the Lord in high praise.  Why is worship so powerful?  First, it releases heaven on earth. Heaven is a place of consummate worship and praise.  In the book of Revelation you constantly see the 24 elders and the four living creatures fall down and worship the Lamb.  Then heaven is joined by the 144,000 witnesses of the tribulation who have just experience the greatest time of harvest ever seen in the world.  They too celebrate the shed blood of the Lamb and His creative power on earth.  If that is not enough, the bride of Christ joins heavens praise for their great worship of the Lamb slain for them from the foundation of the world.  Finally the converted nation Israel joins the bride of Christ and together the Lamb is praised!    Second it tunes earth to heaven. So many times I have seen prophetic words come out of times of high praise.  It just flows and the gifts of prophecy are released on earth because we have tuned in to heaven.  Paul said, "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord."  (Ephesians) Thus you move in the Spirit of God and receive from the throne of God.  How powerful is it to tune in the heaven from earth?  Life changing.. that's how powerful.  Third, it is warfare.  We are in a battle and it can only be won by the grace of God.  Creating an atmosphere where warring angels dwell, where the Holy Spirit is present, where the word of God is being sung in spiritual songs... WOW!  What more can i say?  Tune in to our wonderful worship TV channel and see for yourself.  

                                                               WORSHIP TV 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Justice Satisfied - Penalty Paid

Oh the justice and peace of His blood applied
To sins debt through the cross we’re justified

Oh the mercy and grace of His blood applied
From daily sin we are sanctified

His full wrath against sin He exercised
On the cross payment made, realized

It is finished, it is done there He cried
The Father's just demand satisfied

Now we sing of his grace and His love
Now give praise to the Lamb up above

Who in time has redeemed us His bride
To walk with Him by His side

Dressed in white we’re made pure by His blood
His righteousness covers us with His love

All nations come just as one to His throne
To get rewards for the works we have done

Curse is gone, earth restored, love is shown
Grace and peace for his bride is now known

We reign as kings and as priests at his side
In His righteousness alone we abide

Time has come everyone lift up the Son
Risen saints and those alive cry He has won!
             Poetry by Jerry Brandt

The Bride is coming.. the King is coming

After the antichrist turns the 10 nation confederacy against the second beast, the false prophet and the false religious system, Satan's kingdom begins to fall.  Satan is full of nothing but lies, murder, destruction and violence. A kingdom divided cannot stand. Not only does he attack his own, but he attacks as many true believers as he can and many lose their lives through beheading.  Beheading is mentioned repeatedly in the book of Revelation! Even now many die for their faith.  It is estimated that over 106,000 Christians were martyred just last year alone.
Revelation 6:9-10 When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”
Faithful Christian beheaded by radical Muslims
 But this marks the end of Satan's wicked rule on earth.  He finally gathers all nations to the battle of Armageddon and they are destroyed by the coming of Christ with His bride!  This is the final battle and ends the life of all whose names are not written in the Lambs book of life. Revelation 19 gives this summary and pictures the fulfillment of Satan's doom.  Satan and the false prophet are both cast into hell! Heaven celebrates the Bridegroom/King.  Jesus Christ alone is worthy of praise and glory and honor for His judgments have "BEEN JUST" and perfect.  He has allowed sin itself to bring the final verdict.  "Every man will be judged according to HIS OWN works".  The blood of all the martyrs who died for their faith is avenged. But now we come to the great chapters of Jesus Christ coming to establish His kingdom on earth and in the heavens.  This 4:15sec. video is a dramatic portrayal of Revelation 19 as a great transitional chapter in our studies.  You can also watch the Revelation study LIVE ONLINE (please bookmark) this Wednesday morning at 10:00 am sharp!  (EST).  Sign in and ask any questions "Live" during the teaching that you might have.  Kingdom Life University is a place of higher learning with a Kingdom World View! I invite you to register at our site so we can send you information on our accredited degree program.  (affordable, inspirational, and informational)


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spirit, Soul & Body - Truth made simple

This is one of the most profound spiritual truths you will ever read. It is the key to understanding spiritual growth, your standing in Christ, and how to live victoriously. The lack of understanding the spirit, soul and body has brought defeat and discouragement to most Christians. The ONLY THING THAT GET'S SAVED AND PERFECTED at salvation is your spirit. Your soul, which is your emotions, mind, will, imagination and conscience, and your body, which are your 5 senses only becomes SANCTIFIED through your walking in the SPIRIT after you are saved. You are only made a new creation in your spirit! Jesus said, "That which is born of the Spirit is spirit, and that which is born of the flesh is flesh." in John chapter 3. The flesh and body are still the same as they were before you found Christ. That is why your soul and body still have the same issues after you are saved. If you smoked and did drugs before salvation, your body will still crave them until the power of deliverance comes through the Spirit in your spirit by the blood and name of Christ. Paul said, "They that walk in the Spirit will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh". He never said your flesh would stop desiring the same old things. But now that Christ dwells in your spirit by faith, you have the potential to overcome all things! The key is learning to "walk in the Spirit". For me, praying in the Spirit daily really helps tune me in to the Holy Spirit's voice. (that is praying in tongues as well as with understanding like Paul the apostle). Reading the word of God tunes me into the Spirit, because the Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God and reveals them to my spirit through the Word of God! Fellowshipping with others who "walk in the Spirit" and talking about spiritual things helps me tune into the Holy Spirit's voice. Paul also said, "I die daily". What does that mean. Paul learned to "Recon himself crucified with Christ, buried with Christ, risen with Christ, seated with Christ and now reigning with Christ" by the power of the Holy Spirit! (please go to my teaching on the book of Romans chapters 5-7) By walking in the Spirit, you diminish the effect that your soul and body have on you. They become obedient to the voice of God and eventually every "thought is brought into captivity to Christ", as Paul said.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making Final Preparations - What's coming?

I feel young and vibrant and age is a matter of the mind.  One has said, "If you don't mind, it doesn't matter".  But, unfortunately I get all these mailings about final preparations. "Have you bought your grave"?  Do you need "knee replacements"?  We have discount "wheel chairs and elevators to take you to your second floor".  Good night, I'm offended, but often laugh off these special mail offers because of my age.  Computers kick out the information to those of us who have passed 70.  The study through the book of Revelation that I am giving also sends a strong message to planet earth... it's getting late and you better prepare.  Better to not laugh this one off!  God tells us that if you can read the clouds in the sky, that it's going to rain, you can read the "signs of the times".  What can we do to prepare for what is about to happen on planet earth.  First, don't be shaken in unbelief, but stand firm on God's word.  "We are not the children of darkness that that day should overtake us as a thief..." We will know because of the prophetic word coming at the end of this age.  We hear it everywhere, even in the news. Second, prepare your family, your business and your personal life for what is coming.  I have spent some time discussing these events with my children, especially my two youngest who are still at home.  Do you have a business plan to take you through the tribulation and into the millennium?  Sound's kinda crazy doesn't it? But who is going to rebuild this earth after the terrible destruction during the great tribulation?  The bride of Christ, which includes Jews and Gentiles together as we return with Him in clouds of believers. As we reign with Christ, He will be using us to rebuild this earth into what the Father calls the "glorious kingdom of His dear Son", Jesus.  Have you discussed an escape plan with your family from cities of destruction that is coming?  Jesus says many will flee into the wilderness and places of protection.  Not only is Israel going to escape the coming great tribulation in it's land, but all true believers will be warned to flee to safety.  Doesn't it make good sense to make some preparations?  I live in Florida and every time a hurricane heads this way, people stock up food, board windows, fill their cars with gas and prepare to flee...especially along the coast. If I told you that the grocery stores will be empty don't you think it might be wise to have at least a 100 lb bag of beans and rice in storage? I was raised on a ranch in Colorado and we made preparation for hard times. We were located about 60 miles from the great Rocky Mountain range and Pacific storms would often send hail raining down on our crops.  I remember getting "hailed out" three years in a row.  We made it but it was because my dad made preparation for hard times.  Perhaps that is why I am writing this post...because I see my father.  Finally, get yourself tuned into God's divine purpose during this age.  Make His kingdom the first priority in life.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Revealtion 18 - Babylon is fallen, is fallen!

The spirit of Babylon has permeated the church and modern culture!  God cries to His people at the end of this age to leave the Babylonian system or we will come under her judgments and plagues. Revelation 18:3 "And I heard another voice from heaven say, 'come out of her my people, lest you share in her sins and lest your receive her plagues.'" What is Babylon?  It is building a lifestyle, city or nation independent of God for self, with pride and arrogance. It is building a tower of religion on man's works through human effort and not on God's grace alone. It is a self righteous spirit of exalting man above God. It is creating a one world government and religion to protect it.  Abraham saw the coming judgment on the city of Sodom.  God graciously sent angels to take out Lot's family.  Righteous Lot had become so influenced by the spirit of Sodom, that he reluctantly left, and even his wife looked back and turned to salt.  Leaving Babylon is radical and painful for the modern church and most Christians.  God judged Sodom not only for her sexual sins, but for her self-serving wealth.  Ezekiel 16:49 says "The daughters of Sodom had idleness of time, riches, fullness of bread, pride and she did not strengthen the hand of the poor."  Much of Africa, for example, still suffers because she was not taught manufacturing and even farming because England controlled many nations and made them Colonial servants  to protect her Western Europeon wealth. South Africa has only recently recovered from this kind of oppression and found her strength in her national identity.  The 10 nation confederacy of the antichrist will be the final control of pride,  wealth and influence and will be judged for her spirit of slavery over the oppressed. How do we break the spirit of Babylon in our lives and families?  First, seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Totally abandon religious and spiritual pride and come under the absolute ruler ship of Christ and His kingdom.  Humble yourself!  Second, demonstrate a spirit of giving and sacrifice by being generous to the needs of the poor.  You break the spirit of greed and selfishness by demonstrating an opposite spirit of love and generosity.  Pray for compassion!  Third, abandon self-righteousness and recognize that Christ's righteousness alone gives you right standing with the Father.  Heaven has already manifested God's love with the gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ. Stop trying to reach heaven from earth through your prideful religion!  Fourth, adopt a daily lifestyle reflecting Christs love and sacrifice through service.  Learn more about end-time truth through a "live" bible study each Wednesday morning at 10:00 am EST.  You can also go to Kingdom Life University for back studies.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Revelation 17 - Mystery Babylon Revealed

John uses some of the most potent language in the bible describing the end-time, one world religious system called the great "whore" the harlot who deduces the nations to worship the beast, the antichrist. Her golden cup in her hand is filled with her fornication with the kings of the earth who embrace her lustful, seductive spirit. She is rich, powerful and on "many waters" (Revelation 17:1).  That means she has influence internationally.  Finding her history all the way back to ancient Babylon in Genesis 10 & 11, Nimrod built the first city and a tower to reach the heavens.  It is man's first attempt to circumvent Jehovah true God and make a way without Jehovah to establish and create his own religious system based on man's terms.  It is built out of human pride through self achievement and for man to make a name for himself!  Babylon has infiltrated the modern church today.  Everything that operates in our churches outside the righteousness of Christ is of Babylon.  She merchandises, seduces through manipulation and disregards the foundation of God's kingdom.  The spirit of Jezebel permeates her walls and works.  She makes a way for every kind of demon to operate within her outwardly beautifully adorned facade.  She has a form of godliness, but denies the power thereof.  Babylon religion is "flesh at it's best".  Not crucified with Christ and living in the resurrection power of Christ, but looking to herself and exalting the works of her hands alone. The Babylonian harlot says, "come let us build together...".  She embraces the worlds methods and money.  Her cry for unity is the same cry that Nimrod made to all mankind in Genesis to join hands and build a tower to heaven. Religion seeks heaven, but without the God of heaven.  Pride is in every human act independent of God.  Paul said, "For me to live is Christ."  and also "bring every thought into captivity to Christ."  Humility is living in the righteousness of Christ alone and exercising total dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit.  The end of religious Babylon is confusion and destruction.  God confounded the languages of mankind while they were building the tower of Babel. God said, "If they operate in unity against me, there is nothing the they cannot do."  The end of religious Babylon in Revelation 17 is total destruction.  The antichrist and his 10 nation confederacy totally turns against this harlot the great "whore".  He burns her with fire and takes down her entire false religious system.  In the end, everything about Satan is self-destructive.
Jesus true church He calls "His Chase Virgin"
In contrast is the beautiful bride of Christ referred to as a "Chaste Virgin"  Clothed with the righteousness of Christ Himself.  She represents everything opposite to the "great Whore" of Revelation 17.  She is holy, blameless and washed in the blood of Christ. She is forgiven, cleansed and pure because of Christ's love.  She is prepared and adorned to reign with Christ and faithful to the end. She  is the reason Christ died and rose again!  She is His passion and He loves and cherishes her and has prepared for her a place at His side for all eternity.

  What does Mystery Babylon Look like?
Jerry Brandt shares how religious Babylon will fall

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Worship TV

I love to worship.  I will be speaking tomorrow morning at Exalted Word Church in Sefner,
Florida.  The pastor, Ron Ellis, asked me to speak on worship. Worship is WONDER!. Wonder means to be in awe, to be emotionally and spiritual moved to see the extraordinary events that God brings to our mortal minds. "The heavens declare the glory of God and the earth shows His handiwork."  I constantly stand in wonder at creation and the handiwork of God. The early apostles moved in signs and wonders!  People knew that what was happening was beyond man's ability and in the realm of the miraculous.  God loves to demonstrate His power.  Whether its opening up the Red Sea for Israel to cross or bringing down the walls of Jericho, God constantly did wonders.  His wonders brings us to worship Him.  Worship is WITNESS!  It declares something that God is.  When worshipping on the streets of San Francisco many times, I realized that a Holy attraction was released and people responded. Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men to me".  There is a universal attraction to Jesus presence.  You can travel around the world and you will find that all peoples worship in awe at the name of Jesus. Worship is WHOLENESS.  David commanded his soul (mind, emotions, will) to bless the Lord in Psa. 103.  Sometimes we need to command ourselves to enter into thanksgiving for the enormous blessings that God has given and is giving us each day. Worship centers our minds and hearts on Jesus Christ and Father God in the power of the Holy Spirit. When this centering happens we enter into unusual peace.  Paul said in Philippians 4:6 "be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and supplication, WITH THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to God, and the peace of God that passes understanding will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus."  Worship is WARFARE!  Jehosaphat sent the singers at the head of the army and the enemy was defeated.  Worship drives demons away.  I saw this happen many times on the streets of San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa.  Demons cannot stand the presence of God and especially songs about the blood of Christ.  They are literally tormented when people sing of the blood of Jesus.  You can enjoy none stop 24/7 worship on our worship channel.