Sunday, June 14, 2015

Are You Stressed? Here's Your Answer!

Does God change His size for you? Of course not, but your perception of Him changes. David said in Psalms 34:3 "Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together." What does it mean to "Magnify".  It means to enlarge in appearance.  The object never changed it's size, but the magnifier enlarged it!  God's person, presence and power will increase within you with praise!  I did seminars on stress years ago as I headed up a large single's ministry in Denver, Colorado with my fellow leader, Charles Jones. What is stress?  It is a perception that your problem is larger than your resource.  For example, if you have a house payment of $1,000 and you only have $500.00 to pay, you have a stress factor over 50%.  But if you have over a million dollars in the bank, your stress factor goes way down to zero! In fact, you probably won't even pay attention to the payment. Life is full of problems creating stress at every level. We are constantly evaluating our resources against those problems.  David came up with a real solution.  If God is your source, and I trust He is, you can change your perception of HIS ABILITY to take care of it. David said the best way to do that is to start praising Him....magnifying His ability, exalting His name. By the way, the names of Jehovah exemplify His nature and ability.  Declare His name over the situation.  Some of the names of Jehovah are, "God our healer", "God our Provider", "God our peace", etc.  Your "spirit man" will begin to affect your natural man of emotions, will, conscience, imagination.  And even your 5 natural senses of your body will begin to relax and change. Stop today and begin taking a few moments to "Magnify" the Lord! Your perception of God's ability to meet your need will begin to be enlarged to the degree that the stress factor will go to zero!  One of my favorite verses in the bible is II Corinthians 9:8 "God is able to make all grace abound, that having all sufficiency in all things, you may have an abundance for every good work."  Notice it is based on God's ability... and His ability is limitless...but you must access it by faith.  Please SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel and you will begin getting daily SHORT, CONCISE VIDEO REVELATIONS OF CHRIST.  Called the "Magnificent Christ".  Because we are "Magnifying" your capacity to see Jesus!  The video below is exactly the kind of daily "Magnification" of Christ you will see!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Man In The 5th Dimension - Spirit Man

The key to true discipleship is teaching men to "walk in the Spirit".  The realms of the three dimensions frame our natural world of observation.  Add "time" to the 3-D world and you have the 4th dimension.  But the "Spirit man" operates outside of these 4 dimensions of space and time. Jesus turned the water into wine.  It would have normally taken 22 years to plant the vineyard, cultivate the vineyard, wait for the grapes to ripen, and the time to ferment the grapes into the best wine.  But Jesus by the power of the Spirit released the water and from the time it left the water pots into the cups it became wine!  Reality is operating in the 5th dimension. Our four dimensions of time and space are part of the fallen world of sin. But the "Spirit man" operates in total perfection!  I am teaching through the book of John and over and over Jesus calls the disciples to "hear what the Spirit is saying."  The key to the end of this age is to "hear the voice of the Spirit".  But only the "Spirit man" can hear God's voice. The "Natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit, neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned." (I Corinthian 2:14) Jesus operated under the authority of the Father while walking on earth, and totally heard the Father's voice. Jesus admits in John 12:50 "Therefore, whatever I speak, just as the Father has told Me, so I speak."  What activates the realm of the Spirit into our natural world?  It is your confession.  Your confession of faith takes the realm of the 5th dimension and releases it into the natural world. I was recently in Israel with a good number of other ministers.  I woke up one morning while staying in Jerusalem and God gave me a word.  I didn't understand it at the time, but now I do.  The word that came to me was, "When you walk in faith, you are already there."  Faith operates outside of the 4th dimension of time. What doctors could not do in 12 years of medical expertise in the woman with the issue of blood, Her faith did in one second when she touched Jesus garment. Her faith circumvented time. I urge you to make life's highest commitment, learn to "walk in the Spirit."   Check out Kingdom Life University HERE

Sunday, June 7, 2015


I don't often share the tools God is using to reach the world through Action Evangelism and my own ministry. But today I want to give you one of our best.  You can hear the "Live" online radio broadcast of our "Kingdom Hour" 24/7 with just the touch of your phone.  What is "Kingdom Hour"?  Interviews with some of America's leaders in a variety of different KINGDOM topics. Through radio interviews and the wonder of radio broadcasting here in Tampa Bay on WXYZ 1520 radio station.  These two hour segments are available through your smart phone, tablet of laptop or desktop computers.  You can even play them on your car radio by simply plugging in your smart phone to your radio (My car has a stereo plug jack that gives me the ability to play my phone over the car radio). Here is how you can access KBBN live radio.  

1. Download the "Kbbnetwork" app on your i-phone or android store.  For i-phone it would be your "apple store", for android it would be google "play store".  

2. Go to apps, search under "Kbbnetwork" and the app will appear.  Install it and drag the icon to the front page of your phone.  Now you are only about 5 seconds away anytime you want to listen to "Kingdom Hour" live radio broadcast!

3. Simply touch on the app and within a few seconds, bingo!  I am on the air with you.

I believe you will enjoy this live radio with interviews with some of America's kingdom business people, Christian leaders of major ministries, local pastors and kingdom vision believers.  If you want to listen to our radio networks on your laptop or desktop computers you can go directly to the players for each of our LIVE RADIO STATIONS.  Just click on these links:  KBBN  &   WATV