Thursday, February 16, 2017

Passion of Love - Song of Solomon. Great Love Story!

Solomon called it the "song of songs".  It must have been his greatest achievement in the over 1,000 songs he wrote.  The story of the first love of the king for the Shulamite girl.  We are studying this in our KLU classroom each week.  You can join us for the live study at "KLU LIVE" each WED. morning at 10am on my facebook broadcast. Great fun studying the extent God goes through the prepare us, His bride, to be one with Him and be at His side for eternity.  Is that love of what?  The Jewish families would not allow their children to even read this book before they were 21 years old. The story of romance, marriage and sexual love between husband and wife.  I am reminded of the phrase "the beauty of holiness".  God ordained sex and blesses it in the marriage bed.  Paul wrote,, "The marriage bed is undefiled".  Meaning nothing is to be ashamed of between the marriage partners. The church seems to not want to talk about it.  Perhaps that is why so many Christians are in pornography.  We need to be more open, accepting and honoring what God honors.  The language of the Song of Solomon is intimate and expressive.  All the senses are invited into the love experience. God is a hopeless romantic!