Thursday, February 19, 2015

Roku, Amazon "Fire Stick" & Google "Chromcast"!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!   We have just signed a contract for broadcasting on all three Broadcast Services... Roku, Amazon "Fire Stick" & Google "Chromcast".  This means we will be placed in approximately 30 million homes on big screen broadcast quality television!  This is exciting as we have prayed for years about doing broadcast TV.  The industry is now moving toward these three players.  All you have to do is buy a "One Time" investment player for under $100.00 and you never have to pay for cable again!  You get more channels than you will ever watch and best of all you will get our THREE, Jerry Brandt Ministries & Dr. Quinton Richmond.  This "On Demand" service let's you watch what you want, with very few advertising interruptions! Pure, unadulterated big screen High Definition, eventually it will be 4 K quality without a monthly fee!  You can also place an antenna on your TV for local broadcast stations in your area to get your local news "Live".  Save over a thousand dollars a year in cable costs and enjoy unlimited television. All you need is a good high speed internet hookup.  You can also pick up my broadcasts on my YOUTUBE channel and watch much of our video content.  We live in an exciting time of high level technology giving us access to things we only dreamed about 10 years ago.  This is the time.

If you are interested in broadcasting on our WATV Television network on these three outlets going to 30 million home on broadcast big screen television, please contact me on this link:

I WANT TO BROADCAST TO 30 MILLION HOMES! To broadcast with us just sign up on the above link and I will contact you and tell you how you can have your own dedicated television channel into 30 million homes!  After you purchase one of the broadcast TV connectors like the Roku planer, make sure you subscribe to my 3 networks.