Thursday, January 30, 2014

Revelation 15 - 16 Seven Last Plagues

The seventh angel of the seventh plague of Revelation 16 finally announces "it is done"! The earth has finally been cleansed of all evil deeds and evil men.  Purged by just judgment the whole earth feels the glory and power of God.  Justice has finally cried out it's last refrain and man's sins that in Revelation 12 were like ripened grapes in the wine press of God's righteous wrath, come to full press.  I remember when President Obama was on nationwide television and walked down the long corridor in the white house and came to the podium, leaned against it with both hands and said to America.  "People of America, tonight I have an announcement, Osama Ben Laden has been killed and justice has prevailed."  Celebration broke out on the streets of America and people waved their flags of these United States in victory.  Justice had been served for those more than 3,000 souls that died in the twin towers of the world trade center.  The same kind of celebration will be world-wide as the righteous who have received Christ and prevailed through the tribulation and prayed for justice, have finally seen the earth purged of Satan, the antichrist the false prophet and those who had taken the mark of the beast . The first angel carrying the first bowl  pours it out on earth and the wickedness of man's heart manifests in cancerous boils all over their bodies with no cure.  The next angels pour out their bowls and the oceans and all rivers turn to blood and all living things in them die.  This is in response to all the innocent blood shed through millions of abortions, murders of Christians and sufferings of the innocent.  Men and women who shed the blood must now drink the blood. The earth cries out for all the abominations and unjust acts of men and a world-wide earthquake levels all mountains and all the Islands in the sea disappear.  This is truly the end of the world as we know it. Three times in Revelation 15 & 16 worship emerges declaring God's righteous just judgments. No man will be able to blame God for what is happening at the end of this age. All men will realize that it was their unrighteous deeds and rebellious hearts that caused these judgments. They will realize it is just and right for God' to cleanse the earth.  All sin pays its own penalty unless it is covered by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who bore our sins in His own body. But we must receive this free gift by faith (Ephesians 2:8 - 10) Up to this point in Revelation, over and over again, God had demonstrated his grace and love to the lost world, not willing that any should perish.  He had sent His church to witness, the 144,000 joining them in witness and the two mighty prophets Moses and Elijah to witness. But they had been rejected and many saints even die for their witness. But all of these judgments come on those who have taken sides with the the Babylonian system and the anitchrist.  But God delivers those who have believed and received His provision through Jesus.  Just as Israel was cared for in the land of Goshen even though the plagues were falling right next to them on Egypt, so God will protect His own for He has "Delivered us from this day of wrath."  I Thress. 5:9.  


Monday, January 27, 2014

Power of Praise

Praise and worship changes the atmosphere and releases the presence of God into the circumstance or situation.  Being a worship musician and leader I have learned the power of praise and worship.  I really became aware of what worship can do on the streets of San Francisco and for almost 9 years led worship at Powell and Market streets weekly at our "Project Light" outreaches.  Why is worship so powerful?  First, it is warfare. II Chronicles 20 the king of Israel, Jehosaphat, was told to send the singers to the head of the battle.  Unusual and seemingly fatal in the natural.  But  God was teaching Jehosaphat and power that releasing God's presence can have on the enemy.  This huge army that surrounded Israel was threatening and seemingly undefeatable.  But God allowed them to turn on each other and kill themselves.  The end result was it took three days for Israel just to gather all the spoils of the battle and even then they could not carry all the bounty home!  I saw over and over this happen on the streets of San Francisco.  When the enemy's demonic presence would seemingly block or try and stop the move of God, praise and worship would break through!.  We would always would sing about the blood of Jesus and the whole atmosphere would change.  We were being attacked through a march of over 1,000 radicals as we were preparing to worship at Union Square right in the center of San Francisco.  The leader of the march came to me as we had just set up the equipment and were ready to began worship.  He said, "We are coming this way shortly and we are taking over Union Square and nothing you can do can stop us!"  Breathing out threatenings, Satan was trying to initiate fear in us. I became bold in the Spirit and said, "Your too late, someone else has already taken over!"  He said, "Well who is that?"  I said "Jesus Christ is here and he rules".  His response was, "You will see when all our marchers arrive."  He walked off and I cried to the Lord and said, "Help us!"  I heard clearly, start your worship immediately and I will cover you.  So the worship team began to praise and worship and here came the radical marchers.  When they hit the square they absolutely began walking around as blind men.  They simple dissolved and scattered.  The police were there and said they had never seen anything like this and told us to just continue doing what we were doing.
Second, it is witness.  Worship is a declaration of the presence and power of God on earth as it is in heaven!  It addresses God's wondrous glory and goodness.  I have seen people come forward for healing, deliverance and salvation during worship without any altar call.  They are simply drawn into the presence of God.  Jesus is universally attractive and when we lift Him up, He draws all men to Himself.  Third it is wondrous.  It build's the spirit man and makes us sensitive to hear His voice.  I have seen the gifts of prophecy often released during high praise and worship. It declares the creative power of God and the redemptive power.  These two themes are both mentioned in Rev. 4 & 5 as being the central theme's of heaven's worship by the angels, 24 elders and the 4 cheribums around the altar.  It takes us higher into the realm of the glory of God.  It transcends earth and brings heaven to earth.  There are literal angels of the "presence of the Lord' (Isaiah)  that come immediately from the throne room to planet earth to accompany God's presence.  I have felt them so many times on the streets.  Try praise and worship in your life and see for yourself the effect it has on you.  You can listen 24/7 to our worship TV channel at WATV WORSHIP TV.  Just turn it on your cell phone or computer and enjoy God's presence. 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

How It All Ends

John receives a revelation of the very end of this age.  Revelation 12 summarizes the destruction of the Babylonian system which is the economic, political and religious system as we now know it.  Two times John says, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen", emphasizing her total destruction.  This parenthetical chapter takes to the end of time as we know it and speaks of the final outcome of all those that reject Jesus Christ and take the mark of the beast.  This frightening scene shows the eternal torment of eternal fire that all lost men enter, it shows the celebration of the completed mission of the 144,000 Jewish witnesses who are standing before the throne of God and the Lamb and singing a song that they only can hear and sing.  They are the first fruit of the redeemed nation Israel!  This is a picture of the coming transformation of conversion of the nation Israel in  "one day" as they look on Him, Jesus, whom they pierced and realize that He was the true Messiah.  John finishes this chapter with a commendation to the "faithfulness" of the true church, His bride.  This principle of patience and persistence becomes one of the great character traits of the tribulation saints.  "They that endure to the end shall be saved' is the byword of true believers.  They withstand, victoriously, the persecution, trials and even martyrdom that the wrath of the antichrist and false prophet bring. They have applied Revelation 12:11 persistently, "They overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and loved not their lives, even unto death".  Jesus gives John this parenthetical chapter to encourage him before the coming chapters of the final series of "bowls" which are the most intense time of destruction ever seen on planet earth.  We have already seen chronologically the release of the seals and trumpets.  John says that the earth has finally reached it's harvest like a wheat field and grape vineyard and will be harvested quickly. Mankind's sins have finally reached the top of the cup and the works of man will be judged.  This is the final cleansing of planet earth for Jesus 1,000 year reign with us, His people.  This demonstrates Jesus intense love He has for those who chose to receive His love and walk with him.  It is the faith and work of the saints that are rewarded at the end of Rev. 12.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

666 Mark of the Beast

Satan is cast out of heaven in Revelation 12 never to return! This makes him angry and he knows his time is short so he empowers one man for his end time purpose.. the antichrist.  Revelation 13 is this empowerment called the beast out of the sea. This beast represents all the authority of 4 ancient kingdoms. The Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Greek and finally the Roman empires.  The beast reveals these four kingdoms as a leopard, bear, lion and sharp teeth of the Roman empire.  John describes this terrible beast as the antichrist who attempts to take over the entire world.  He is GIVEN authority for one hour (7 years of tribulation) with emphasis on the last 3 1/2 years being the great tribulation.  During this period he rules over the economic, religious and political systems of a 10 nation confederacy.  He empowers the second beast, the false prophet, to run his religious system.  This false prophet will be a beast in sheep clothing.  He will cause the entire world who is outside of Jesus Christ to worship the antichrist and sets up an image in the very temple built for the Jews in the first 1/2 of the tribulation.  This beast speaks and shows great signs that deceive the nations.  The antichrist will control men by issuing a mark, 666, for anyone who wants to buy and sell during this period.  Why does God allow the rise of the antichrist and the false prophet?  To bring every man on earth to a decision.. am I going to follow this one world government and religious system, or am I going to receive and follow Christ and the kingdom of God?  This final hour on earth will clearly define where you stand with God.  There will be a price to pay for not taking the mark of the beast and many will be martyred. But hundreds of millions of faithful saints will totally endure to the end knowing through the book of Revelation that they have an eternal reward with Jesus Christ as king.  Get a greater understanding of this powerful season.. listen to the video below.  You can also go to the KINGDOM LIFE UNIVERSITY website for more information on how to study God's word and even earn an accredited degree.  You can listen through the entire New Testament chapter by chapter online 24/7 and hear the word of God taught contextually and systematically. God's word is powerful and true and you can place your future in God's hands... but you must understand this prophecy of the book of Revelation.  That is why God says, "blessed is the man who reads and understands this book".  Your future depends on it!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Satan's Last Stand - Revelation 12

The book of Revelation is an ongoing saga of Satan loosing his place of power and influence.  It ends in tragedy for Satan.  As I have been giving this study through Revelation it has been apparent that Satan is history's biggest looser.  He even has to ask Jesus for the keys to go to hell and release the scorpion demons in Revelation 9!  Imagine every time you go home you have to ask a judge for keys to your house.  What a looser! Now in Revelation 12 he totally looses his place in heaven and is permanently cast out of heaven never to return.  He losses his home and literally becomes homeless! He is now limited to just operate on planet earth in his last 3 and 1/2 years of the 7 year tribulation.  So now he gets angry because  he understands his time is "short".. Remember Paul the apostle said in Ephesians 6:11 "We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world from the spiritual wickedness from the second heavenlies,"  So he gathers what influence is left through the antichrist and attacks Israel and her offspring. It is the last chapter of the drama started in Genesis 3:15 between the two seeds.  God says "I will put enmity between you (Satan) and the woman, between your seed and her Seed. He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel." The blow to Satan's head that was accomplished at Jesus death on the cross is now finalized in the last days of Satan's operation on earth.

A flood of persecution is loosed the last 1/2 of the tribulation and Israel and true believer's flee to the mountains and wilderness and become protected by the nations whose doors are open to help. Having operated for millenniums in the heavens, Satan now is defeated by Michael the archangel and angelic host. Heaven rejoices! But earth is warned that the wrath of Satan is about to be revealed at the highest level. Revelation 13- 19 show the great destruction Satan brings on the world through the antichrist. Just like Hitler cared less about the German people in his last days, he said they all deserved to die, Satan will care less that many will die and he desires to take as many as he can to hell. Unfortunately for him all he is doing is driving more and more people to Christ!  All the persecution and crazy decisions he makes just bring more people to Jesus Christ... their only real hope. 

After Satan is cast out of heaven to earth, one of the greatest verses of authority and power is given to us in Rev. 12:11.  "They overcame Satan by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death."  The "they" represent everyone Jews and Gentiles who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. In the end we win!  Satan looses!  Jesus reigns and we reign with him.  Satan will be bound for 1000 years, loosed for a short season to test the hearts of those born on earth during the millennium and then God permanently casts Satan into hell for all eternity.  Done!

                                                 Watch this teaching on Revelation 12

Monday, January 6, 2014

Gays and the Olympics?

Watching the news tonight brought up the controversy of gays in Russia and the intolerance toward them in the coming Olympics.  NBC news reported that 76% of Russians believe being gay is wrong.  The new word in America the last 10 years, however, is "tolerance".  Our schools teach it, modern churches embrace it, and society accepts it.  We have come to tolerate everything... couples living together out of wedlock, divorce, abortion, you name it.  Has anyone asked what God is saying about these things?  Well, evidently not to many are asking.  You are labeled many things when you take a stand and teach what the bible teaches. God drops the plumb line of His word with clear teaching about almost everything and His love for us is for our protection! But you must search out what it says.  What about homosexuality and gay rights? Well, first God loves gays just the same as everyone else.  He wants them to spend eternity with Him and has made a way through the blood of Jesus for all of us to find forgiveness.  Is homosexuality a greater sin than any other? Depends how you qualify it.  In God's eyes every sin can be forgiven like obesity, pornography, murder or any other sin.  But there are different effects on society and the human condition and different sins carry different payments.  Eating greasy foods and becoming obese or smoking over your lifetime and other misuses of the body has proven to shorten life. So certain practices certainly have different consequences. The same with homosexuality.  If all of us became homosexuals, the entire human race would not exist in one generation!  Seems to have a consequence.  I was working on the streets of San Francisco in homeless outreaches through our ministry in the  80's.  I believe it was in the mid 80's  that AIDS became an issue in San Francisco, and was first discovered in the beginning in the gay community.  20 gays, all dying of AIDS, chained themselves to the federal building and were living outside on the steps to bring awareness to this newly discovered disease.  It happened to be one of the coldest winters in San Francisco's history and they were freezing. We happened to be handing out sleeping bags, 1000 of them, to the homeless nearby.  So they sent a representative over to our outreach only two blocks away and asked that we bring 20 sleeping bags to them.  We happily did so with myself and 5 Teen Challenge workers.   We packed the bags and away we went to the federal building. When we arrived the head of the gay group asked me, "Are you in charge?"  I said yes.  He said, "Why do you Christians say God is against homosexuality?"  Frankly I had no quick answer so I said, "I don't know for sure so can I ask Him?"  "Please do" was his answer.  I bowed my head and prayed a short prayer asking God to give me an answer for this man and his 19 friends.  I was sincere and serious. God did.  I looked up and the leader of the gays said, "Well, tell me what did He say?"  The answer God gave me was really interesting.  I said, "God told me it wasn't healthy.  Isn't it wonderful that God wants us healthy?"  His answer was, "Well how can I argue with that, we are all dying of AIDS".  It was that simple.  Being gay is not healthy physically, socially, mentally and spiritually.  Again, it has nothing to do with how much God loves gays.  We were able to pray with 3 of them to receive Christ.  We certainly did not turn them off with some long self-righteous diatribe, but rather showed them simple compassion and demonstration of God's love to them and their needs.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Prophetic Word for 2014

I always spend time between Christmas and New Years seeking God for a prophetic word for the coming year.  This year 2014 has been a little unique.  It really began around the first of December as I began seeing constant sequences of the number 4.  I tried to just pass it off but it became so repetitive that I could not ignore it.  They always came in series of 444. Not less than a dozen times I remained focused on the object  showing 444 for some time trying to understand what it meant.  My clock in my bedroom appear 3 times at 4:44 when I woke up and I looked at the time. My odometer on my car was always set at 000 when I filled the tank and at least 5 times I looked at the odometer and it was always at 444.  So I asked the good Lord if there was any significance in this.  It is now January 1st and I always write what I believe God is showing me for the next year.  Four is the number of earth in the bible.  The earth has four corners, four seasons, four elements, four angels that encompass it and I could go on and on.  The four cherubim around the throne of God have the faces of four different beings on earth and are definitely associated with the end-time purpose of God in fulfilling the completion of earth's events. I begin to study further and here is what I sense God is saying.  There are going to be significant events on the earth beginning 2014  that will have world-wide impact and especially with Israel.  I believe Damascus is irrecoverable and according to Isaiah 17 will continue to self-destruct. Damascus is the oldest city in the world and her name is associated with the number 4.  I believe the four blood moons starting on April 15th that correlate with the four coming feasts of Israel will bring a strong shift in Israel's existence.  Each time these four blood moons appeared in recent history past something significant happened with Israel.  First was the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus that gave Jews a safe haven for these two hundred years, second was the founding of Israel as a nation in 1948 and the third was the six day war in 1967 that Israel won over Egypt. I believe events happening on planet earth are going to be accelerated in 2014 in preparation for the coming "Day of the Lord". Could it be the soon beginning of Daniel's 70th week?  Is the antichrist coming soon to establish his rule?  Are the four horsemen of the apocalypse upon us?  I do know God is saying to the bride of Christ, prepare yourself for what is about to happen on planet earth.  I believe the key word for 2014 is the word "FULLNESS".  We are going to begin to see the fullness of things ordered from God's throne and purpose for this age.  Fullness of harvest, fullness of historic events in the heavens, fullness of catastrophic natural disasters, and the beginning of the fullness of the Gentiles on earth.  Let's be awake, be aware and be wise.  To learn more about 2014 and the book of Revelation studies please go to Kingdom Life University's new website at  KLU.