Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Smart Phone Mission - It's HERE!

We have arrived at ground zero!  The countdown to the final harvest has begun and we are manifesting our 20/20 vision!  The harvest will be done by the end of year 2020!  I speak it, declare it, call it down from heaven with authority and power! Today I spent time and high level warfare that I have never experienced before.  I felt an authority to command the darkness and spirits of hinderance to take their "dirty" hands off every business that is committed to give to this vision.  I know that I know that this is the newly released authority on earth coming down directly from the throne room. Jesus has had enough with the church playing games with His commands.  The acceleration toward finishing the harvest has been launched and the rocket fuel loaded for the stars.  Get ready to join the team of motivated disciples who see the end already by faith!  I have been researching the internet and I have to admit that something is happening with the unreached people groups!  There is an acceleration of interest and movement.  This is all in preparation for the second coming of Christ.  Christ Himself admitted He would not return to this earth until every tribe, tongue and people groups have been reached. As I often say to our group, you only have to see what Jesus said to know the truth.  We can talk about the second coming of Christ all you want, but as sure as I am writing this post, Jesus is not coming back by His own word until it is done. Let's focus on it... and as Nike says, "Just do it"!  Please go to: www.actionevangelism.org   to get more information and to give to this great mission!

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