Monday, March 30, 2015

All New KBBNetwork APP!

Do you have a mobile phone or tablet?  You are one click (and 5 seconds) away from some exciting Kingdom Talk, Kingdom Music and Kingdom teaching! Our all new "KBBnetwork" "App" on both apple and android phones.  Just go to your play store or apple app downloader and get this exciting 24/7 live streaming radio.  Special guests from around the world, with exciting topics that will interest you like, divine health, effective pastoring, Christian "hot topics" and much more.  With most new cars you can now connect your phone to your car radio and make "KBBNetwork" your listening station as you travel to work or around town for business or play.  Become kingdom minded through regular "Kingdom Hour" listening.  You can also listen on you computer to our radio broadcast, attach a favorites button to it and while you are online, listen to "Kingdom Hour" radio.  Just go to:
KBBNetwork a "Player" button or on the picture of the player itself.  If you like variety talk, great music from some of the best contemporary artists, and some "right on" teaching you will like KBBN. 

KBBnetwork is a part of our over-all vision to reach the nations.  Check out the video below to catch our "DECADE OF DESTINY 2020 VISION".  Thanks so much!