Saturday, January 13, 2018

Jesus Christ Declared KING of Poland

Świebodzin, Poland Statue of Jesus Christ
We are entering a remarkable period in history.  A resurgence of Christ's declared dominion over nations is just beginning.  President Chiluba of Zambia did this years ago and his nation experienced a resurgence of prosperity and blessing.  Having one of the highest percentage of AIDS in the world, the country began to heal under Christ's declared ruler ship by President Chiluba over the nation.  Corruption immediately ceased under his leadership. Rain that had not fallen for years had produced a famine.  That turned and the rain began to fall again.  

What is happening in Poland, Hungary and other Eastern European nations?  Christ has just recently in November of 2017 been declared as the official KING of Poland!  

God had been speaking to me over the holidays about sending out a mandate, a declaration from our Kingdom Life University, to the heads of all nations to "declare Jesus Christ as KING over their nations".  I had not searched the internet when God shared that with me, but it appears it has already began!  We are living in the season of Sheep and Goat nations.  God is bringing a dividing line on the earth in preparation for the return of Christ.  I have taught for years, that the rise of the antichrist will bring every person on earth to a point of choosing between Jesus Christ and the antichrist.  This will be necessary for the final great white throne judgment.  We are living in the times of the end.  This is truly exciting!!!


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Action Evangelism - OUR WORLD VISION FOR 2018

God led me to give a teaching on our vision for 2018.  We have held this vision for over 50 years.  But the Lord says to not look back on former glory of things that have happened, but to look forward to this "NEW SEASON OF BLESSING" that is upon us from 2018 - 2020.  We established our "Decade of Destiny" that we started in 2010.  We still believe that can be accomplished by 2020.  What is our 20/20 vision?  TO COMPLETE THE WORLD HARVEST OF 2.3 BILLION PEOPLE!  Can this be done?  Yes... with the right resources.  We are calling in the wealth of the kingdom business people to begin to partner with us to do this.  If not now, when?  Why has the church never completed this task even though we have had incredible new technologies.  It will not be technology that will do this alone.  It will be the foot solders that go to the villages and remote places left to reach.  We have the network and leadership throughout the world that can launch MAT (Ministry Action Teams).  Will you join us?  Please go to our website and let's start donating to the great end-time cause on earth.  Jesus said it, "When this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world unto all nations, then the end will come".  Matthew 24:14  I guarantee you that Jesus will not return until this task is done.  LET'S GO DO IT!  Give at:  Go to the button "Kingdom Giving"

Prophetic Word for 2018 - Dr. Jerry Brandt

We are in a new season!  I always spend time between Christmas and New Years to seek God for a word for the new year.  This year really began last November with the 5778 year of Israel.  But this overlays with our calendar as well.  We are in a season of favor and blessing.  These next three years are a great time to launch or expand your kingdom business.  It is a season of great financial favor and multiplication.  Why?  For the end-time harvest.  God is ready to bless the great expansion of His "Gospel of the Kingdom" to the nations.  God also spoke to me to call the leaders of all nations of the world through a MANDATE from Kingdom Life University to declare their nations under the ruler ship of Jesus Christ.  If they do this, their nation will enter a season of incredible blessing.  I did this in Ghana recently.  Get ready, we are about to see the formation of the Sheep and Goat nations in preparation for the coming of Christ. I tried to get rid of this thought over and over during this time, but God kept bringing it back on me.  So pray for me that God will give us wisdom as to how to do this to the leaders of every nation.  Sounds a little strange?  Well sometimes God's ways are not our ways.  Here is the word the Lord gave me for this year.  Please listen to the short video. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kingdom Business Builder Premier Broadcaster

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