Saturday, December 30, 2017

YOUR OWN WATV Roku, Amazon & Chromecast FULL HD television channel!

WATV provides one of the best ways to become a world-wide television producer and broadcaster for a unbelievable low monthly cost.  Full broadcast television ministries can spend millions monthly to buy time on world-wide broadcast networks to get our their daily message. They usually broadcast only 1/2 hour at an assigned daily time.

Not so with WATV!!!!  WATV has opened an exclusive NETWORK of 50 customized TV channels that are available to Christian businesses, churches and ministries 24/7 hours daily with VOD (video on demand).  In other words, people can go to your channel, under your name, any time they want, to see you and with just one click see your television channel with your exclusive 10 new broadcasts monthly. This is the latest and most effective TV broadcasting venue today and is the wave of the future.  Your channel with your broadcasts, no advertising except what you sell.  Your exclusive channel under your name, will be viewed world-wide 24/7. WATV will also help you set up your own TV studio at your place of business, or your church or ministry headquarters.  This will be a 3 camera, 4 K quality studio with green screen, lighting, video switcher, editing suite and the best high speed computers and production equipment available today . WATV will also send a staff member to train your video staff and help you set up your own TV studio. We believe that every church in the world should be broadcasting with the best quality production staff and TV equipment possible. WATV STAFF WILL MAKE THIS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!