Monday, November 21, 2016

Christmas Celebration Now!

Here is a collection of all your favorite Christmas songs old and new!  Enjoy in one place the sound of the season with joy!  It happened in a manger, it happened to little girl Mary who said, "Be it unto me according to Thy word" as she took on the greatest event in history. She birthed God's kingdom on earth... Jesus the King!  A new hope for today's world. Let the sounds of the season resound in your heart as you celebrate the season. Heaven touched earth!  God released His great love to man. Let the warm hearth of your home bring lasting memories of love, family and hope this christmas! 


Friday, November 18, 2016

Next Great Awakening - Rural America Revival

Something unusual is happening in rural America!  Not only did rural America help vote in our next president, but if what I witnessed last weekend in Belle Glade, Florida was what I think it was, we could be in the next GREAT AWAKENING in America.  It is not happening in the most likely place. Belle Glade is a small rural community of 17,000 people that is being visited by a sovereign touch of heaven. Belle Glade is historically known for crime (in the top 98% of America), for the most Aids per capita of any city in the world, and poverty defined in almost unbelievable terms for an American small town.  Yet this is where God showed up in the person of evangelist Daniel Mcgehee and his team of workers. Over 300 souls had come to Christ before the tent was even set up. Just from a small team witnessing on the streets. And before the revival even started Sunday night people were just stepping in the tent and finding Christ. 64 had accepted Christ by Saturday night. The local high school baseball team showed up last Friday before the revival started and the entire team accepted Christ! Sunday night, the opening night, witnessed people rushing to the altar by the hundreds and receiving Christ and most immediately baptized in the Spirit and speaking in tongues. Daniel was told by God to get a tent...a large tent that seats 1,000 people.  Sunday night it was filled and hundreds were outside listening to the message. Yes, it is the lowest, the least, the hurting but hungry souls that were seeking to hear and receive the salvation message. Daniel says, "Everywhere I go revival is breaking out in Rural America. Something unusual is happening to those in out of way places that most people have forgotten". But God has not forgotten them. With a colorful Southern drawl, Daniel pleads with all who will stop and listen.  "We are not in the final hours before Christ's return, but the final minutes.." He sighs.  "We must grab this final harvest opportunity and reap souls on every hand". Daniel had asked me to come down and video tape what God is doing. He has not even used the modern social media and does not even have a web site! He defies all modern techniques! But what he touches is a authentic passion for souls. This is his attraction and appeal. At the end of the night's move of God, he called a youth from the audience forward and took off his shirt and gave it to the young man. Then he called one of the migrant workers forward and took off his shoes and the man put Daniel's shoes on his own feet. "God told me to do this even before I preached tonight," Said Daniel. God is showing these people how much He cares for their souls and their needs. Belle Grade is located in the rich loam soil at the southern base of lake Okeechobee.  The moto of the city is, "Her soil is her fortune". But really, the soil of Belle Glade is the hearts of it's hungry souls. Please watch this video and please forward this post on to everyone you know.  


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump - The Modern Cyrus

Daniel chapter 5 gives us a look at the fall of Babylon under Belshazzar the unrighteous king.  He has taken the holy vessels from the Jerusalem temple and honored his gods of gold, silver and stone in a great feast with over 1,000 of his nobles.  The "Handwriting is on the Wall" as God's hand comes and writes about the end of his kingdom that night! Darius the Mede is already draining the moat around the 15 square mile king's palace in Babylon. (Could the draining of the swamp in Washington be a parallel?)  Babylon falls in one night as judgment is pronounced by the very hand of God on the palace wall.  Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin... "God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it; have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting... your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians."  God has delivered America also as the election has brought about judgment on the enemy Satan, who's plans have been diverted by people who have prayed for our nation. The time has come for many crooked, deceiving politicians who, like Belshazzar, will see the "Handwriting on the wall"! Many believe that Donald Trump is a modern Cyrus that is going to build a wall, bring prosperity back to our land, and set up a government that practices righteousness. This is the year 5777 in Israel.  Interesting that Donald Trump will be placed into the president's office on his 70 birthday year, the seventh month since his birthday and the seventh day of January. He will be our 45th president and Isaiah 45 tells all about Cyrus.  Could this be the time of liberation and revival in our land?  A time of rebuilding the broken walls that have come down?  Cyrus paved the way for the rebuilding of Jerusalem after 70 years of captivity.  Also paving the way for the building of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem.  Could the 3rd temple, which is ready to be built, be done under Trump's presidency?  Seems there are a lot of parallels.  Watch this exciting teaching I just did on Daniel 5 and see what you think.  Please forward this on to others as well.  let's get the message out.  Also asking all my friends to subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel.  Thanks so much!


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump - Altar of Incense in Heaven is Activated for America!

The book of Revelation shows us that it is the altar of incense that gathers the prayers of the saints. The mighty angels gather those prayers and mix them with the fire on the altar and casts the fire to earth purifying and refining earth with God's divine purpose. This comes, as it did in the days of Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar in the form of a decree executed by a watchman from heaven. These watchmen execute God's decrees and nothing can stop them. We have had such an even November 8th in the elections here in America. People pray, God gives decrees, angels execute it on earth. That is God's plan for the end of this age.  What happened last week November 8th was prayer turned the course of history. We were headed down a path of global control, new world order, loss of American sovereignty, liberal progressive agenda of killing children through abortions, etc. all headed by the media, government, illuminati, and the world finance headed by people like George Soros. Why is Satan so mad at Donald Trump?  He is exposing the kingdom of darkness big time.  He is sent like a hammer to break apart the darkness. He has been anointed by God, therefore carries an anointing for battle.  Satan recognizes this and has tried to stop "The Donald".  Please hear what I am about to say.... "If the evangelical community of true believer's abandons Trump at this point Satan will win the hour, even though God's providence will ultimately still happen prophetically."... Dr. Jerry Brandt

Prayer turned the corner! Now we must pray for president elect Donald Trump. We have only won the first round. Now we must stand with our president elect Trump. We must support him in prayer daily for protection, wisdom, and calling for the 7-fold Spirit of God upon him of Isaiah 11:1-2. He has already demonstrated the "Spirit of Might" with his courage. What is the 7-fold Spirit? Spirit of wisdom, of understanding, of councel, of might, of knowledge, of the fear of the Lord and then the Spirit Himself as a gift... Making 7!

Why has a period of "Grace" come upon our nation with an extension of "Mercy"?  I am convinced that it is because of the end-time harvest of completing the only true sign of the coming of Jesus Christ back to our planet.  There is only one sign "When this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world unto all nations (dialects) then shall the end come." Matthew 24:14  America's prosperity and season of blessing will bring forth funds to complete the harvest!  This is the season to put forth the cycle of harvest to the nations. Please join our "Smart Phone Missionary" campaign.  Your gathering used smart phones and sending them to us will give us opportunity to reach an entire unreached village with the gospel.  Please help us.. GO HERE


Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump - God's Trumpet, God's Trump Card

God gave me a word in 2012 at the Starbucks on Highway 54 in Land O Lakes, that the anointing and voice of moral courage and national revival was leaving the church and going to the Kingdom Business community.  We have seen that shift through businessmen and businesses like Chick Fillet, Hobby Lobby, Domino's Pizza, etc.  These have been the men that have stepped up to speak out about the moral crisis of our land and willing to put their businesses on the line. Now the ultimate business man has been ordained by God as a hammer on the evil establishment of business, government, religion and anything else that God exposes to him.  Our president elect has put himself on the line against a huge establishment of media, new world order, wall street, corrupt government leaders and anything else that opposes him.  Billions was spent to keep Donald Trump out of office, but all was flushed down the toilet.  Why has Donald Trump prevailed?  Because God has appointed him as a Cyrus, a Nebuchadnezzar.  These were not perfect men.  They were appointed by God men.  Many in the church are missing the discernment to see who Donald Trump is and his place in history.  They only see that he does not fit in their little box of holiness and christian compliance.  President elect Trump will possibly appoint up to 5 supreme court justices during his tenure.  He will provide borders for America that have broken down. He will restore the IRS support of Christian 501c3 organizations and help restore religious liberty in America particularly for Christians. He will bring to account trade agreements that have stolen billions if not trillions of dollars from our nation.  He will appoint a cabinet that will establish America's greatness in the world again.  Why is all this happening? America will again play a key part of FINISHING THE WORLD HARVEST!  This is the center of God's end-time plan.  I have said it over and over again, that the only thing that will really matters at the coming of Christ is the only sign that Jesus talked about.... Matthew 24:14 "When this gospel of the kingdom is preached in all the world unto all nations (dialects), then will the end come."  America, more than any other nation, has helped spread the gospel to the world.  That is the seed of greatness that God is restoring to America through President elect Donald Trump.  To complete the harvest, it will take money, and our dollar will be preserved through a strong economy.

The plans of the enemy have been exposed, upset, and fear has entered into the hearts of all those who see God raising up Trump.  They see that the more they come against Trump, the more it promotes Trump.  Soros and his evil imps of darkness are making one last play by filling the streets with protesters.  They will not stop trying to bring down what God has raised up, but they will not prevail. Why?  Because God's people have now awakened and are praying!  Prayer works with the altar of incense in heaven.  Will you join the army of God for this great end-time harvest.  Action Evangelism and Kingdom Life University have been preparing for this earthly invasion of the gospel to the nations for over 50 years.  Our new "Smart Phone" missionary program can take every smart phone you donate to an unreached village as a missionary.  

Newt Gingrich recently said it in an interview on Fox News and most people missed it.  He said, "Donald Trump is the only recent president that has not gone through in 'initiation rights' of the illuminati."  Let's pray that Donald stays clear of the new world order and fulfills his appointment by God for our nation.



Sunday, November 6, 2016

Julian Assange says - Trump Can't win Regardless of vote!

We have come to the final week before the elections.  Julian Assange's emails through wikileaks says clear evidence is shown by the global power behind the Clinton machine, that they will not let Trump win, regardless of the votes. The latest leaks from wikileaks reveals through Hillary's emails that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have funded ISIS... the two biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation. The huge bias media who supports Hillary will do everything they can to see she wins. Julian says he actually feels sorry for Hillary... "she is being eaten alive by this global power train".  Hillary emails reveals that the DC consensus shows that 1/2 of the Obama's cabinet was placed by the head of CitiBank. Obama, essentially has been a puppet of the global establishment as well. 

Libya was Hillary's war above any other country.  Hillary's emails show 1,700 emails were about Libya.  Gadhafi and the overthrow of the Libyian state would be one of her triumphs for her election as president. 40,000 deaths occurred under Hillary's planned overthrow of Gadhafi. Libya was the beginning of the huge refugee crisis and began to disable the Islamic nations. Why did Hillary so hate Gadhafi?  His accomplishments threatened the entire world.  His currency was independent and backed by gold.  He treated his people with such favor that he gave everyone in his country 1/2 of the payment for a new home and 1/2 payment for a new car. He gave back the wealth from oil sales to his own people.  He even stated "I will not buy my own parents a home in Libya until every family in my country has their own home!" He essentially had such favor with his people and was so popular as a true family man, that over one million people showed up in the presidential court to support him when the attacks began to come by the hired hit men rebels Hillary sent in to kill him. One of Hillary's emails to Podesta actually asks the question, "Which paid merchant military group had we hired to kill Gadhafi?" She was a bit uncertain which group her state department was using. Gadhafi had to go because he would not play by the globalist rules. Putin has expressed that Hillary will essentially go after him, just like she went after Gadhafi. This fear of Putin has placed America in great danger.  

Every establishment world-wide is behind Hillary.  The banks, media, war production companies, foreign governments, the global elite...all are behind Hillary. To Hillary, Trump represents the scum white America social rejects......mainly you and me!

What can change this outcome that Julian Assange declares over Trump?  Prayer!  He admits the only establishment group supporting Trump are the evangelicals. If we don't pray and step up, we must face the consequences of the huge ''spirit of deception that has been released over our land".... BUT WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.... PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!


Julian Assange says, "Trump will not be allowed to win"
Just published through Dartmouth films....

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Daniel Ch. 3 - Trial by Fire

The Babylonian system is trying to make us bow to the great image of the antichrist.  Just like Nebuchadnezzar commanded all of the world to fall down and worship his image.  But we will not bow!  The fire has been prepared for those who don't bow.  It is hot and over heated by those who want God's kingdom to not affect our nation and the world.  But God has a people who not only will not bow, but will go through the fire with great victory and leave a powerful testimony of deliverance!  Shadrack, Meshech and Abendnego all three were thrown into the furnace.  They said, "Oh king, we will not bow, our God can save us.  But let it be known o king that even if we perish we will honor our God".  The only thing that was burned was the ropes that bound them.  They came out of the furnace and didn't even smell like fire! In the end king Nebuchadnezzar not only extolled the God of the three children of Israel, but commanded that the entire nation honor their God.  In fact, he said, "Whoever speaks against this God will be cut in pieces and their houses be burned."  He said there was no God but the true God of Shadrach, Meshech and Abendnego that could deliver from the very hot fire. You and my testimony in the middle of the fire is one of the great ways people will turn to Christ at the end of this age.  Let's get ready by "purposing in our hearts" that we will not bow to any God but Jehovah.  I am teaching through the book of Daniel and getting a download of revelation about what is coming to America.  Please follow this series into some very exciting chapters coming up.  Please subscribe to my Youtube channel "jbrandt4him" and you will get the latest notification of this teaching.  Please forward this on to your friends.  Thank you!