Thursday, July 30, 2015

Financial Collapse & Year of Jubilee

Israel had stollen 70 years of rest of Sabbaths from God so He allowed them to go into captivity for 70 years.  The only day God calls holy is the day of rest or the Sabbath.  Even though there were many Old Testament laws that COULD require people to be stoned, only one man was really stoned for breaking the law in the entire OT.  It was the man who broke the Sabbath by picking up sticks. (Numbers 15:32 - 35) How serious is God about the Sabbath rest?  He was serious enough that He rested on the Sabbath from "All His work". America is not a Jewish state or nation, I realize that, but the princple of rest is so powerful in the bible that we COULD be entering into an involunatry "Jubilee" starting on September 13th, 2015. We are coming to the close of a 49 year period of 7 Shemitah's or the Jewish year of "Jubilee". God was not only displeased with Israel not keeping the Sabbaths, but God hates debt. "At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts." Deut. 15:1.  What was the year of "Jubilee"?  It was a time to releasing everyone in Israel from their DEBTS. Could the collapse of the American dollor or the collapse of "Wall Street", be God's way of allowing all debts to be cancelled?  Our nation practices a form of "Jubilee" through backruptcy laws. Debt is one of the major bondages we as a nation and individuals face.  Perhaps the only way to save our nation is an involutary year of "Jubilee". I am not presenting this a some kind of prophecy, but during today's teaching in the book of Mark chapter 11, God began speaking through me and I was frankly a bit surprised myself. However, I have been saying for some time that what America needs is a VOLUNTARY year of "Jubilee".  We know that will not happen, but it definitely is a biblical principle.  God's ways always work and God has a way of making them work on earth voluntarily or involuntarily.  Do I have an inside on what is going to happen?  Absolutely not, but I do like the way God's kingdom brings personal and national freedom.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Son of Hamas converted to Christianity!

Why do people want to go to the Bahamas? It's not because of the president or prime minister, or even the government.  It's the beaches and coconut palm trees, usually with a hammuck hung between them and the blue ocean in the background.  Atlantas is one of the largest overseas resorts in the world.  Why in the Bahamas?  Because if you are in the dead of winter in Chicago or New York at 10 degrees, the Bahamas looks pretty inviting!  Jesus always presented the benefits of the kingdom of God. The Bahamas has vacation benefits, the kingdom of God has natural and spiritual benefits.  Jesus said it was a place of righteousness (right standing with God), peace and joy.  Who wouldn't want that?  The kingdom of God even has its own health department... healing in the name of Jesus!  It is backed by a God of a variety of names like Jehovah Jireh "God our provider", Jehovah Shalom "God our peace", Jehovah Rapha "God our healer" as well as many others. Jesus presented these benefits in the beatitudes and said they all would produce incredible "Blessings". Things like an eternal kingdom of love and beauty.  If you want to convert Muslims, ask them about the benefits of their kingdom. Perhaps they will tell you about fear, oppression, legalism, jihadist war and sharia law. Doesn't sound like the kind of benefits you would like. Its like asking you if you would like to go to the Bahamas in the middle of winter or to Siberia. Perhaps we would witness more effectively to Muslims by presenting the wonderful benefits of the kingdom of God.  Jesus even said, "Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you."  Matthew 6:33  I recently heard the Son of Hamas speak, the son of the leader of Hamas and he said, "When I started looking at my Muslim faith and the incredible oppression me and my people were under, and then looking at true Christianity, I had to convert." He says He loves Jesus Christ and He is now on a crusade to convert as many Muslims to Christ as he can.  His name is Mosab Hassan Yousef the one time national youth leader of Hamas which his father is the head, and this video exposes the god of the muslims. Please pray for him and his witness to the Muslim world.  He had to ask his own father to disown him because of the danger his father faced.  Hear his testimony on this video.

Monday, July 6, 2015

"My Sheep Hear My Voice" - JESUS

Jesus gives several of the "I Am's" in John 10.  Interestingly He declares that He is both the "Good Shepherd" and the "Door of the sheepfold".  This crictical concept is one of the most important truths in this prophetic hour.  A sheepfold in John 10 was a large enclosement that many shepherds brought their sheep in to during the night.  Why?  Because the wolves would attack the sheep and the sheep needed protection.  The shepherds would all sleep at the entrance of the sheepfold during the night.  In the morning each shepherd would rise and call "his own" sheep to follow him. They heard the voice of their shepherd and followed him into the fields. Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice and follow me". The sheep were all atuned to their own shepherds voice. I am now about to give one of the most important warnings I have ever given. THERE WILL BE MANY VOICES CRYING TO YOU IN THESE LAST DAYS, BUT ONLY ONE CAN BE TRUSTED!  There are so many voices on the internet that great confusion and deception is setting in the bride of Christ. There are so many voices on television and the media that great confusion and deception has now come!  Jesus is standing at the door and crying...."Hear my voice only...."  Those that triumph at the end of this age are only those that know Jesus voice and follow Him!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  God is strongly prompting me by the Holy Spirit in this post to cry to the body of Christ and say, "Shut out every other voice but Jesus".  Trust me, your life will depend on this and even in this cricital hour in which we now live, which is your time of preparation for what is soon coming on planet earth.  You must, I repeat you must, learn to hear Jesus voice in the middle of all the other voices crying to your mind and soul.  How do you hear His voice?  Through the voice of the Holy Spirit in your Spirit Man! You must get into the "Spirit" daily. John the apostle said, "I John was in the Spirit on the day of the Lord."  two times in the book of Revelation.  John learned the secret of understanding the future.  Please forward this important post to everyone you know... something is about to happen on planet earth that is cricital to what I am now saying.  Let God's Spirit witness to your spirit if I am telling you the truth.  Get ready, awake thou that sleepest and rise from your sleep and He, Jesus, will give you life.  Please listen to the teaching below on John 10 on hearing His voice.