Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank you! Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree

Christian Life School of Theology has given me my honorary Doctor of Divinity degree.  Dr. Ron Cottle, the founder, has been a spiritual model of love, faithfulness and service.  His many spiritual sons and daughters have risen to positions of honor and service throughout America and the world.  His over 60 years of ministry have encouraged me and given me a challenge in my own life.  CLST has been around for many years and has raised up thousands of graduates serving Christ in many nations. It was definitely an honor to receive my Doctorate of Divinity degree from them. CLST has agreed to receive all 60 credit hours of study from Kingdom Life University for those that want to continue toward their bachelor, masters and even earned doctorate degrees.  Kingdom Life University, is our two year accredited associate degree program geared to all Christians that want to learn the bible. Our graduates will write their own"Living Commentary" of the entire New Testament during their two years of study.  We also have courses on Kingdom Business principles on how to release the kingdom of God in the marketplace as well as powerful evangelism and mission courses. Part of my personal passion is equipping and empowering all believers to be effective ministers of the word of God. We believe that all believers are in full-time ministry even if they have a full-time occupation.  They have the privilege of completely supporting their own ministry.  I often say, "If you are not in full time ministry get saved and your will be". The blessing of Kingdom Life University is that it is Affordable, Accessible and Accredited.  We call it the triple "AAA" of higher education. Please be my guest and watch the short video on my graduation ceremony.



Monday, September 8, 2014

Write Your "LIVING COMMENTARY" of the N.T.

When I was in Jr. High School at a bible camp in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, now over 60 years ago, I spent an entire week outlining the book of Colossians.  Colossians became my favorite book of the bible because it somehow went from my head to my heart. I have referenced this book more than any in the bible these last 60 years.  Kingdom Life University will do the same thing for you through the entire New Testament. You will end up with a treasure of wisdom and knowledge and be able to understand and explain to others every book of the New Testament!  I am calling this your own "Living Commentary" that YOU will write as you go through your KLU curriculum.  I just was at Celebration church in Brandon, Florida this morning and launched another of our remote satellite Kingdom Life University remote campuses.  As the KLU students sat and watched the videos and outlined Romans, I was moved to see how responsive and powerfully they were being affected. Going through the book of Romans this weekend, each student will understand these powerful truths. This campus will finish all 16 chapters by Sunday evening.  WOW!  I am stoked! This is a dream come true! To see God's word so effectively getting into the lives of these young people.  They will never be the same because God's word is "quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword".   Now Kingdom Life University is totally online and ready for your studies!  For the price of a specialty cup of coffee daily, you can earn your Accredited two-year Associate Degree in Biblical studies, kingdom business, missions and evangelism and even aviation if you choose. Why choose Kingdom Life University?

1. We are AFFORDABLE.  You can take your online studies for the daily price of a cup of specialty coffee!  National average for 60 credit hours at most universities is $24,000! We are 1/10th at only $2,400.00 a full two year Associated Degree.

2. We are ACCESSIBLE.  Just a tap of your smart phone, i-pad or laptop computer, you will be online with your studies.  Beautifully illustrated teachings of the entire New Testament. Additional studies in Social Media and Communications, Kingdom Business, Missions & Evangelism and even a full Certified Aviation program

3. We are ACCREDITED.  Our Accrediting Association has over 1,100 Christian Colleges and Universities where you can transfer your hard earned credits!  


Write your own "Living Commentary"