Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bringing Heaven to Earth

One of the most powerful truths Christ taught was through the Lord's prayer (His prayer to the Father0 Jesus said, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" Most evangelical churches teach the gospel of grace, Christ's great salvation, that prepares you for heaven, but do not teach the gospel of the kingdom, that teaches you how to rule on earth. Jesus was passionate about releasing heaven on earth. That's why He did signs and wonders and His constant teaching about the kingdom of God. We in the marketplace must absolutely learn the keys of the kingdom that release heaven on earth.  Our businesses should be places of kingdom blessing & dominion.  What does that mean?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Marketplace Kings and Priests

You are building a kingdom unto your God. That kingdom is your marriage, home, calling and business.  Your kingdom is under the rulership of a greater king..."the King of kings".  I am teaching my children kingdom concepts.  I took each of them into their bedroom and explained to them that this is their kingdom.  They are to excercize a spirit of "excellence" on how they keep their kingdom.  They make their bed's daily, they keep the room clean and orderly, and make sure everything in their kingdom complies with the rulership of a greater kingdom... the house they live in over which I, their father and their mother are kings.  I also let them know that we are also under rulership, and that I will only allow things in my kingdom, our home, that comply with the principles of the King and kingdom under which we operate....Jesus Christ.
   You and I are designed to be kings!  God's image has placed that within our DNA.  You are not happy unless you rule and learn to rule well.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Marketplace The New Anointing

Jesus did most of His miracles in the marketplace.  He demonstrated the kingdom where people lived and worked daily.  His father, as a business owner, brought Jesus up in the carpenter shop.  Jesus understood business.  He called mostly busnessmen as disciples... fishermen, tax collectors, etc.  Even though Jesus preached in the Synagogues, He did His signs and wonders on the streets of cities, in the midst of the marketplace.
There is a fresh anointing coming on kingdom businesses, all ordained by Jesus the masterbuilder.  As business owners understand how the Kingdom of God's secrets and principles work for them, this discovery will unlock prosperity and blessings for wealth and relationships.  These kingdom laws are irrevocable and always work.  These are not laws we need to keep to be blessed, for Christ has already completely fulfilled the law in every point and now gives us grace to walk in His righteousness.  So our focus is not in keeping laws, but seeking first "His kingdom..and His righteousness". (Matt. 6:33).