Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prophetic Word for 2013

I always spend considerable time following Christmas and New Year celebrations to seek the heart of God for the NOW word for the next year.  Looking back I have been pretty on target on what God is saying to the church each year and particularly what He is saying to our ministry.  The word for this year is the "Creative Power of your Words".  If there is one thing we need to examine is how we speak.  Speaking the right declarations and blessings will be critical in molding your effectiveness in the future of your business.  Words carry creative power!  9 times in Genesis chapter 1 is the phrase "And God said"...each time creating the world, the galaxies, the animals, the plant life and finally creating man.  God spoke us into being..."God said, let us make man..".  Us, of course refers to the trinity.  We were created out of words!  God's image in us placed His power to create the same way.  How we speak over our business this year will bring it to pass.  How we speak over our wives will create the kind of relationship we will have.  Speaking blessings over our children can influence the way they see their future.  The "Blessing" of the father was vital to the first son in the Old Testament.  We are ALL FIRST BORN SONS AND DAUGHTERS IN CHRIST in the New Testament!  We don't have to steal the blessing of the second son like Jacob did with Esau.  In Christ we have "all spiritual blessings" we will ever need, but we must discover them and confess them with our mouth and speak them.  Michael W. Smith received a revelation before one of his concerts.  God told him to begin speaking a blessing over his audience at each future concert.  At the end of this first concert he just kept playing the piano and began speaking a blessing of favor and good declarations over the people.  To his amazement almost everyone he could see began crying.  He said later, he began to receive emails and letters from people saying, "We have never had anyone EVER speak a blessing over us and it was so overwhelming we just had to weep for joy!" Michael has since written a book called "A Simple Blessing".  He had had no idea how powerful words could be.  One of the greatest things you can do for you life is to write down declarations and blessings that you will use this year.  At the entrance of 2014 you will look back with absolute amazement how things have lined up with your words!