Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Jerry's Flying Adventures - My New Playlist! Enjoy

Since 1966 I have had my private pilot's license. I have also owned 5 different aircraft over my life time and have generally used airplanes for the ministry.  I have also build my own airplane, the Pulsar XP seen here in the picture.  I love to fly!  Perhaps you love to watch videos of people flying.  I have just launched my own playlist on my the youtube channel called "Jerry's Flying Adventures".  I have been flying the simulator called the X-Plane 11.  I highly recommend this great flying tool to experience the great variety of aircraft to fly on my computer and experience the joy of going to various locations around the world and flying many kind of aircraft... at no cost!  Wow!  Would you join me on this adventure and subscribe to my channel and this playlist.  I will email you any new flying video I place in this Playlist.  Thanks for joining me in flight!  I hope you enjoy flying with me as much as I enjoy making these video for you.  Here is the first video from X-Plane 11 that I made and placed in this channel.  An Epic E 1000 flight from Aspen, Colorado over the beautiful Rocky Mountains early in the morning to Rocky Mountain Metro Airport in Boulder, Colorado.  Have fun watching with me.  Here is the first video from "Jerry's Flying Adventures"