Monday, April 18, 2016

Transforming Power of Your Spirit Man!

I have a special announcement! You don't need Jesus or His salvation. However, there is only one requirement.  You must perfectly keep God's law and never offend in one point ever your entire life.  Jesus said, "If you offend in one point of the law, you are guilty of all".  There has never been one person in the history of mankind that meets that requirement... except Jesus!  He has done it. Therefore He alone fulfilled all righteousness. He has performed what no other man from the fall of Adam till the time of Christ could do. He said the law is perfect, but you must perfectly keep it. Jesus clearly fulfilled the law in every point. He satisfied the holy righteous demand of the Father for full payment of man's sin. Now sin's PENTALY collided with sin's PAYMENT and came out washed whiter than snow!  He was and is the perfect Lamb of God. The perfect sacrifice. When Jesus announced "It is finished", He was declaring to the universe that the holy just demand of the law was finally satisfied and payment was made for man's sin totally and completely. Jesus died, was buried, rose again, ascended to the Father's right hand and now He reigns as undisputed sovereign of all creation the King of all kings. But the best news of all is that this righteous sacrifice is willing to now share His righteousness with us. First He imputes it at the right hand of Father God when we receive Him as savior and He declares us holy and blameless in the Father's presence. AMAZING!  Then through the Holy Spirit He imparts to us His full righteousness to walk as men on this earth. But that imparted righteousness is given ONLY to our spirit man when we are made a new creation, made alive, in Christ. Remember, "That which is born of the Spirit is spirit". John 3  Our soul and body must then come into alignment with our spirit man. This Paul the apostle calls "Walking in the Spirit" This is also called "renewing of the mind" Romans 12:1 - 1 and that happens in our body and mind when they are submitted to His ultimate authority.  We then become overcomers by the power of Holy Spirit. This is our spiritual growth.  Being conformed into His image day by day as we yield to the Holy Spirit. Remember it is only the spirit part of us that gets saved and fully made complete the moment we receive Christ. Peter refers to it as "we are given everything that pertains to life and godliness through the knowledge of Christ." II Peter chapter 1  Read Ephesians 1 and see who we are in Christ.  Paul said we are "Complete in Him" who is the head of the body.  Complete is complete and nothing less.  Our spirit man is now fully empowered by the Holy Spirit for transformation.  Get ready!

                                    Power of Your Spirit Man - Transforming Power

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