Sunday, May 18, 2014

Is God In Control of everything? Absolutely NOT!

Probably one of the most misquoted statement I hear from Christians is, "Well, God is in control of everything so it will just work out".  I heard the statement again this morning on the radio returning from Publix to my home. It genuinely irritates me!  May I be so bold as to really challenge that statement!  Was God in control of Hitler killing over 6 million Jews? Was God in control of Herod killing all babies in Bethlehem under 3 years old? Of course God is not in control of everything, so let's just stop putting the responsibility on God for the crazy acts of disobedience and sin we commit!  God is only in control over what we put Him in control of.  He is in control over everything that is His will, but we must submit our bodies as a living sacrifice so we will know His good, and acceptable and PERFECT will.  He is in control over all that is bought by the blood of Jesus Christ and is found in Christ's righteousness.  Let me state clearly that GOD'S ULTIMATE WILL AND SOVEREIGNTY WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED IN SPITE OF MAN'S DISOBEDIENCE.... HE IS SOVEREIGN!  God gave man a choice.  We can take control or put Him in control, it's that simple. My definition of pride is .. every act that is done independent of God.  That is why the apostle Paul admonished us to "do all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to His glory".  If you act independent of God you are on your own and your acts will bear the exact consequences of your sin. Why do I teach "KINGDOM" theology so strongly?  Because it is the best theology of putting Jesus Christ as king over everything I have, everything I am and everything I purpose to do. I declare every day, "Jesus you are Lord and You have a right to rule over me.  You purchased me by your blood so I am not my own, You gave me Your Holy Spirit to discern good and evil."  Jesus has the right of ownership over me by right of original creation. He owns the original patent rights over my life through my ancient earthly father Adam.  Then whatever was stolen, He bought back by His blood through the second Adam Jesus Christ.  He rules by right of creation and redemption!  Now something wonderful happens. When I submit to Him and PUT HIM IN CHARGE of my life He turns around and gives me dominion and authority on earth to execute His judgments.  He manifests His kingdom through my life and guides me to rule my earthly kingdom under His authority.  He has truly made me a "king and priest" on earth to Himself. God is sovereign, omnipotent and omniscient. But certainly not in control of everything on earth. May I close by also stating that His ultimate will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We can hasten that if we allow Him His rightful Lordship over our bodies, marriages, businesses and churches. In the final analysis He will bring this age to a close and His ultimate purpose for us the bride of His Son Jesus Christ shall be accomplished.  Please note... HE WILL LET MAN'S SIN AND DISOBEDIENCE ULTIMATELY DESTROY THIS PRESENT WORLD.  Then His glorious kingdom shall rise in a people who have learned to walk under His authority and we shall "reign on earth with Him"! Amen!

                                           THE KINGDOM NOW MANIFEST IN ME!
                                                                   3 MINUTE VIDEO

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