Friday, October 19, 2012

What are Marketplace Apostles?

I often refer to the foundation & restoration of Apostles and Prophets in these last days.  We all are looking for God's glory to cover the earth.  We often talk about Pentecost and the power of the Holy Spirit returning as He did in the early church.  But too often we don't look at the greater picture of why this kind of power came and touched the then known world with the gospel.  Without God's government and headship ministries in alignment, we cannot see what they saw.  But it is happening around the world.  Action Evangelism now has 45 Kingdom Life University campuses in 17 nations and believe me, most of these nations have a clear picture of the final apostolic movement.  My prayer and desire is that the church of America will embrace what God is doing around the world.  So many churches here in America are bound by a spirit of independence and denominational movements and are bound by politics that it is difficult.  But as Jesus builds His church world-wide, America will either align with what God is doing or be left behind the greater glory and power of the end times.  I see the apostolic happening, however, through the marketplace in America.  Perhaps God will bypass a large part of the church.  I wanted to write this blog and give you the simple characteristics of these marketplace apostles.  Perhaps I can best describe this through Rich Marshall, author of the foundational work God@Work book. He says marketplace apostles manifest the following 7 characteristics:

              1. Performs signs and wonders
              2. Exhibits spiritual authority
              3. Breaks bondages
              4. Transfers wealth
              5. Hears the voice of God
              6. Functions as biblical entrepreneurs
              7. Reaches nations

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