Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kingdom Business - Power of Alignment

There is a new alignment happening on earth as the final outpouring and release of God's power and purpose is being realized in kingdom business and churches.  Your alignments will determine your blessing or failure.  Lot aligned with Abraham and became exceeding rich. He later left Abraham and lost everything including his wife.  King Saul's captains of his armies realigned with David's army and became the mighty men of David.  Saul had built his army by traveling around Israel, stretching out his staff and recruiting strong men. They joined his staff!  David said, "If your heart has become a part of my heart, then you have a place with me".  Saul built a head army, David built a heart army.  Saul's captains defected, David's men would run through a troup to get him a drink! These new alignments are not head trips, but heart bonds.  God is forging alliances not based on politcal power, but on passion for the harvest. Hearts will be bound by the single purpose of Christ's vision and mission on earth. These new alliances have divine purpose on earth and will carry divine power.  The early church was full of apostolic DNA!  This resulted in Pentecost, "They all came together in one place...the place was shaken".  Harvest, "Peter stood up with the 11 and preached..." and 3000 came into the chuch in one day.  Right teaching, "They continued daily in the Apostle's doctrine.. and the Lord added daily...".  The early church has a definite Apostolic alignment and DNA.  The Apostlic gift was the first to be rejected by the church and will be the last to be restored.  As this happens we will see the outpourings of revival and restoration and release of finances in the marketplace for kingdom businesses. 

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