Thursday, March 5, 2020

Empowering Your Prayer Life - Tabernacle Prayer... Try it!

I have recently discovered a great way to increase my prayer time and effectiveness.  I call it "Praying Through The Tabernacle"!  Every piece or article in the tabernacle expresses a distinct type of prayer.  We enter the outer gates with thanksgiving and praise.  We come the the brazen altar, a place of the blood sacrifice.  There were thank Jesus for His great sacrifice, the cross!  Then we move to the brass laver where the priest washed his hands.  It was polished like a mirror.  Here we declare our "Identification in Christ".  The theme of my new book "I Am" Who You Say I Am. ( You can purchase it on Amazon)  Then we move into the Holy Place through the 5 pillars (God's grace)!  To our left is the candlestick representing the light of the Holy Spirit in our life.  We have the 70-fold Spirit of God expressed in Isaiah 11:1-2.  Celebrate this!  Then across from the Menorah is the table of shew bread.  This is the word of God.  Pray through a Psalm or a portion of the word... it's powerful when you do this.  Then we go to the altar of incense.  We interceed for our family, our church, our pastor, our nation and any other intercessory need.  Then we enter the very holy of holies.  This is where the ark of the covenant is located.  Here we worship and very awesome power of God and worship His holiness with all the host of heaven.  Try this great prayer technique.  It can make your prayer time both interesting and very extended.  

                                                                              Praying Through the Tabernacle - It Works!

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