Monday, April 9, 2018

Yes! The Finished Harvest 20/20 Vision - Kingdom Life University a part

The significant Call2All conference recently finished in Soul, Korea and this report gives us great hope in the completed harvest by Christmas of 2020.  That's our goal at Action Evangelism and Kingdom Life University, that's our target, that's our vision, that's our faith!  I remember what the Lord gave me while in Jerusalem last year.  He said, "When you walk by faith, your already there".  These next 3 years will be a busy time to complete the last words of Christ on this earth... "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations (dialects).."  Matthew 28:18.  Why do we go? Because of the verse before states what Jesus said.....  "All power has been given unto Me in heaven and earth.."  We release His authority and power to the nations when we GO!  Jesus never once said, "Sit ye"... He said, "Go ye".  This is the new going generation of young people that I had a vision of in 1988 while sitting on the back porch of a house along the ocean in the Philippines! I saw a vision like a rainbow in the skies of thousands and thousands of youth going to the nations to finish the harvest. They were all marching on this rainbow in the skies... 10,000 of them!  I still believe most if it will come from far Eastern countries like Korea, China and the Philippines. The Call2all conference was a great gathering of far Eastern youth with the older generation of missionaries like Lorren Cunnignham of YWAM.  Get ready church, mount up like eagles!  Prepare to fly to the nations.

Final Video of the CALL2ALL conference

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