Sunday, October 8, 2017

War in the Heavenlies - Keys to the Kingdom

We war in the heavenlies through spiritual weapons like prayer, fasting, commanding and breaking Satan's power on earth over cities and nations.  Satan's authority comes through giving place to the devil on earth.  When people on earth repent and come under Christ's authority, the power of Satan from the 2nd heavens is broken and a portal opens up over that area of earth from the throne of God.  The keys to destroying Satan's powers of the heaven's is God's power on earth through His bride, His body, His kingdom people who know how to move in authority on earth.  Paul talks about the power of the kingdom of God to transform earth in Romans 8. The present calling of the bride of Christ is to transition planet earth over the rulership and reign of Christ in the Millennium.  We are in that shaking period where everything that can be shaken, will be shaken.  Why?  So that which cannot be shaken may remain... "We have a kingdom which cannot be shaken."  Hebrews 12:28  The only thing at the end of this age that will NOT BE SHAKEN is what is in the kingdom of God under Jesus own authority.  Since He sustains the universe by His power and words, we will be held protected, anointed and remain overcoming saints regardless what is going on around us.  Make sure you are under the KING'S authority so you have His authority to exercise your kingdom rights on earth.  WOW!  We are in a great battle for territory!  It starts with the first evidence of His rulership.. our bodies.  We are weapons against the darkness.  Where ever we go the kingdom goes!  We are carriers of the great power of the universe.  Kingdom Life University teaches these principles of walking in kingdom power under Christ's authority.  That is why you should register and begin this important teaching for these end times.  


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